Report types


LSI-R:SV and YLS/CMI:SRV Profile Reports provide detailed results from LSI-R:SV and YLS/CMI:SRV assessments and provide recommendations for completing full LS/CMI and YLS/CMI 2.0 assessments, respectively.


LS/CMI and YLS/CMI 2.0 Profile Reports provide security classification information based on the overall assessment score and detailed results from LS/CMI (Sections 1-8) and YLS/CMI 2.0 (Parts 1-5) assessments.


Comparative Reports compare results of between two and four assessments for the same offender. Results are useful for determining risk/need changes over time or consistency between raters for the same youth.


Case Management Reports summarize any recommended treatment strategies to address the offender's unique set of needs. They provide an administrative summary of the criminogenic and non-criminogenic needs of the offender and list special responsivity considerations and include a discharge summary where applicable, which describes the offender's status at the time of discharge along with recommendations for the future. A progress log provides a record of activities designed to measure changes in the individual's situation that result from case management strategies.


Follow-Up Reports summarize any behaviors relevant to an offender’s case management subsequent to their initial LS/CMI or YLS/CMI 2.0 assessment. They provide important information on incidents such as breaches of parole/probation, institutional infractions, and release from correctional supervision. This information may be used to monitor, evaluate, and validate offender placement decisions.


Aggregate Reporting

The aggregate report provides an item-level data spreadsheet for any and/or all offenders at the user’s location. These data list responses from the following areas:


LS/CMI Aggregate Report

YLS/CMI 2.0 Aggregate Report

Demographic information

Demographic information

LS/CMI Parts 1-6, 8, 9, & 11

YLS/CMI 2.0 Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, & 6

LS/CMI Follow-up

YLS/CMI 2.0 Follow-up

LSI-R:SV data



This spreadsheet allows the user to perform customizable data analyses on LS/CMI and LSI-R:SV (and YLS/CMI 2.0 and YLS/CMI:SRV) data.


Tracking Reporting

The Tracking reports are information logs about actions taken and transactions made in your account by your users. There are two types of Tracking reports: